We’ve moved


It has been incredible two years at St. James Square. Our team grow originally from 33 people to almost 140 people since I joined in 2010. This significant growth gas some story behind.


RGA – originally founded agency for Nokia has grown to more than 14 clients including O2, Pearson, NIKE, Unilever, Virgin Atlantic. Core of our business, and the way we work, initiate creating  new departments as well as building on-site digital retail laboratory. This space was designed with one single purpose – to help designer and developers to prototype and test their solutions in real retail environment.

As a result of this growth we need more space to sustain all departments and people we need. The facility at St. James Square become too small and the building at Rosebery Avenue seems like a great solution to our immediate needs.

Some of us work between offices already. Traveling between two offices was adventure itself. Catch the meetings, scrums or even lunch with your colleague become daily routine. It hasn’t turn us down and within the 2 month or so we were ready to move.

Thanks to amazing team collaboration, this move become one weekend operation. It’s incredible to see how fast you can move 100 people. All the packing and arranging and following day you sitting in different corner and simply continue.

And it does not stop here.


Meanwhile this preparation, I have been assigned to another R/GA office to help establish framework for new incoming project. Stockholm has become my first R/GA branch where I worked along side with R/GA London. Believe me – we have amazing team out there. Small office with an amazing dog, incredible good food and stunning bike shop – simple addict-able constellation bot even mention talented team.


Finally we have got the stage, when other branch of R/GA needed my help – and I said  ‘YES’.

So here I am – within the year relocated from desk to desk, from floor to floor, building to building, from country to country and finally from continent to continent.

This symbolic “move video” was made for the move between offices. It seems it means more than that.

Stay tuned.

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