The workshop is primary for people who wish to become better at UX Design, or want to be better at thinking, developing and primary designing solid user experience. Mental guidance for individuals or groups on specific projects from Czech environment.

How to become an UX Designer

In the morning I would like to focus primary on theory and get participants on same level of thinking before we really start. Introducing each other, your work so we all know what you are good at. As a following part we’ll talk about real meaning and interpretation of UX (for this part please read following article I’ll explain later why).

Day of UX is a compilation of most of my and my colleagues days combine in to pros and cons – what to do and what not to do in Research, Self Education, Management, Development. I’ll also talk about the scrum meetings and how they are efficient to us and how they might be efficient to you even you are not building under the Agile Software development.

In “Czech UX” section I’ll focus on web scene and how to profile yourself, how to build a community and get a benefit for professional life. I might browse around idea of talking about current / future education if we have a time enough. Mental stagnation in applying new principles in real education process.

2nd Part

2nd PART – is design to teach practical skills to present work in front of the stake-holders. We’ll choose one Czech based website which we analyse, and create pilot design case study.

This obviously include couple of steps such as research methodology, visual, development, client, planning, strategy, Position, Grow, Social integration, Solution which will end up in case study deck allowing you to sell the work …

Depend on time we might work on presentation skills which will be definitely differentiate from skills “talking on the public”.


If we don’t have a computers we’ll sketch, if we do well – we’ll do it properly. I’ve already prepare the templates which allow us to be more efficient in the time and space (will share shortly). Those you have a PC please make sure you have at least CS4.


If you have any question join the conversation or shoot at @givision

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