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In collaboration with Pavel Roder and Czech sub-division McCann-Erickson I worked as UX consultant on official website of Czech Republic. Main idea was to utilise external mentions and sources about Czech republic and introduce intelligent platform to surface all actual information.


The challenge was in introducing another level of information on top of the existing tourist standard layer to open another interest on Czech Republic as a cultural and industrial heritage and not loosing the simplicity of the portal itself. a particularly grow over the night into a information platform where we aggregate not only political and demographic information but bringing the live promotion of local services and events.


I experienced many time when I was asked to recommend any possible relevant information about Czech (not only about the Prague itself) I guide my friends from Japan or UK around the Czech that we have no Part of competition rules was extensive use of new logotype – bubbles.Visit Britain, Visit Finland, Vsit Japan, Visit France, Spain, Visit Rgeece…



layout / flexibility and transparency.

Just a thought …

It’s definitely challenge to work on the local website with global perspective. It’s like ask shoemaker what type of shoes he like. The best opinion about his work you get from his customers and the customers in our case are the foreigners. We could divide them into two following groups.

First group will be TRAVELLERS - looking for general information and advice. How to get from point A to B and what to do – if? Second group of people is NEIGHBOURS - who wish to stay. What ever purpose they have study, work, marriage. First things they need to know where to register and how to get “translated” documentation they need it. How to be secure in new country, and finally how to contact local authorities. Followig information will be probably about universities, job centres as well as social services.

There are several different scenarios and if those are not solve primary – the information portal fail. I asked over a 20 people who visit Czech what is the difficulty to get general information (bellow the record all of them can not speak Czech, some of them couldn’t even speak English). Their respond change completely my initial perception about the portal as a information bridge between Czech and them.

I believe we manage to answer all their questions and cover all possible scenarios. Keep all collaborators (mostly my friends from Australia, Japan, China, Brazil and Canada) who help me with User Research – happy …

Thank you

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