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Thank you everyone for joining us at the UI/UX Mobile Lecture at PELLICO 5. Thanks to Lukas we had a great time at in Brno. The Lecture itself was a bit longer than I expect but workshop and discussions was immediate respond to my questions – Thanks for that.
Even out rime was limited we had have an opportunity to solve a couple of issue and answer some questions. And what we definitely realized that …


During workshop I have promised a couple of things you will be able to use immediately after this session. First the PDF file is a full lecture with all links and source material – than you can download from this supply link.

Secound link is a yahoo dev library where you can find a couple of really interested things and patterns which you can learn and use in your practice.

For parasite it’s obviously boring


Another source is a Omni Graffle stencil for iPhone published by graffletopia which could be seen as a one of the best sources I’ve ever found for information architecture and wire framing. It’s a pointless to grab these libraries and put them on my site. Feel free to register yourself and download anything you like – hope you find it useful. And also please tell me how does these libraries help you in your work flow.

Difference between GUI / UI / UX you can find at IxDA server. Again feel free to register yourself and contribute wit all others. Email conference is one of the unique sources to see how UI / UX grow in many different areas our interaction. Other links will be describe on the end of this post.

links about UI / UX

  • dconstruct/ is a unique conference at Brighton / UK
  • ux london/ was breaking point in approach and perceptions of UX environment

Images from this Lecture you can find at my Flickr photo stream and also in the mail you received (mean people who went this event). Please let me know if you have any other question or issues we can help with.

Write me what do you want to hear next

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