Sherlock Holmes


First series of applications for bring the user quality and experience of British Film heritage on the mobile device. wild casino create the concept of social engaging and educational platform supported by social media.

Architecture of iPhone app was developed as a scalable unit where client can dynamically exchange promotions and featured movie align with their media plan. British Film Location allow client to communicate with their users through the app. All data ware stored in native XML which brings massive potential to update entire application on the go. User can be also inform about events or services based on the location. This means no further update of visual with promoted movie. Each movie can have a separate style which give application own-able and branded touch.

First concept was promoted with Sherlock Holmes movie. Main challenge was optimisation of video trailer. ETV mastered this part with excellence worthy of the respect. 140 MB video we manage optimise in to 6MB piece – its a pleasure to wok wit the professionals of this calibre.

All work presented above belongs to ETV Media Group  

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