Robin Hood


Visit Britain is the service proving compressive information about UK. Not only travellers, students but also businessman’s or possibly anyone who is interested in Great Britain can find useful information. Visit Britain also provide additional services to main offer. One of those service we architect and designed. In our team lead by Andy Rogers we developed and application “British Film Location”.

Application gathering most famous UK based films tide up with a specific location where the user can explore and discover the places the movie was shoots or  the stories begun. User also have ability to take and share their experiences through the pictures they taken on the location via Photo gallery. Their friends immediately know where they were and  how they enjoy it. The facebook and twitter play key role opening the possibility of sharing and engaging the user to explore and discover more from heritage of British Film Industry.


Part of each release (update) we promoted movie which was attached to it. At this time it was Robin Hood. One of the main challenge was size of the movie and target audience. The movie can be download as a part of the application which allow user to simply use the application right away without no longer waiting for the movie to be downloaded. User interested in Britain are mostly tourists with a limited access to the internet, so we step forward and promote the application on website where the audience use their local provider to discover more before they arrive to Great Britain.

iOS developers in my team were one of the best I’ve work with so far. Those who were capable to complete all design request with eye on the pixel, but also were part of the UX discovery and contribute on optimisation and scalability of entire solution. Stefan’s team has my full respect and I’ll hire him at any time again.


All work presented above belongs to ETV Media Group 

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