Olo Dressing Brand Case Study


Olo is one of my most interesting, inspiring and always encouraging clients. Her brand grow over a years of our collaboration where fashion stylist and visual artists become real icon on the Czech web. We learn a lot – through our daily discussion different prototypes and huge sense for respect to bring things live.

One man show

Even if it’s a one woman show, she is capable to pull the masses of the production, design, film and photography in the Prague which make her unique assets it the world of fashion in hearth of the Europe.

Main Idea

Main idea was bring together pieces of her personal and professional activity – fashion & art. She said “the colour is important” and we spend over a month of talking about colours and styles and seasons where we decide to go with brown and orange.


As a unique to any Czech based brand I have work with we find the time and budget to create set of elements which we use for different layouts within different context. This gave us enough flexibility for grow any possible direction. Some of the implication you can see bellow.

Full package

Obviously whiting the year we end up with entire brand identity for print and web. Business card, CD / DVD covers, booklets, posters, stamps, stickers, wall papers, introduction screens for DV and so on.

Communication Package

Those also include invoice, stamps, brand assets. Banner campaign and POS. Lately we also work on Blog and Shop.



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