My 2013 resolution


You hearing form all reputable sources – welcome to the “year of mobile“. Well, let’s step back and start from beginning. It’s over 5 years we talk about responsive solutions and how they are beneficial to the consumers as well as the over all businesses.  It’s been 4 years we paying with the layouts and experimenting our own capabilities what would work and what will. Some of us actually get hands dirty and build their own websites to prove that it’s actually work, where others just wait fo the mass to dopt it.

At FOWF – Future of web design 2010 in London,  we heard about real implementations and the benefits that change the way we look at the web ever again. 2 year we persuading our clients to not waste money of fixed solution and implement flexible one immediately one for all.

It seems like this year become the one where we no longer say this is normal web and this one is responsive – we just say “this web will work everywhere”.

“Web was always responsive”

Those who remember HTML era before <tables> came and mess entire WWW look on responsive design like “well, right now you finally got it”. I’ll safe you from buzzwords like separate cascade style sheets or other geeky stuff that is necessary to run these things properly. Let’s have a look at the client side of it and what does it mean in world of  business.

Not on mobile

If your business is not on the mobile today you a practically death, because those who are will be preferable source of information.

Let me teel you a short story about demand of data. Data consumption moved from the desktop to mobile almost 3 years a go. We are no longer researching on our desktops. Information become contextual, to the location, situation you are in or even context you referring to. Search on your mobile device will return different result of the services you demand based on your location. To search pizza in Singapore has different result than Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur. Globally related data become locally referred data.

Imagine you are on the short trip in the city you’ve never been to. You reserved yourself the hotel in advance. Printout get handy, but in the airport you split a coffe over it and you can not read the telephone number neither the address. “Free wifi” on the airport allow you to search. You go back to your emails – reveal the reservation again and you call the hotel to pick you up. Or perhaps you want to safe some money and you go by yourself. Open the website that unluckily is not mobile optimised. To locate the address  on the site was relatively easy, but there is no map. You opening the map on you mobile device in good will you’ll get the right directions. After getting the sense of the place and transportation points you start looking for the earliest train to the city – you choose the train.

On the train you realise you are off from the public wifi and you are back on your tarif. Bandwidth is very low and map get freeze. The location couldn’t be found. Then what …

Well you get the picture

We moved from the desktop to the mobile entirely. Our communication was transfered in to mobile where device itself become center of our connection to the world.  Time management, social involvement and recently health tracker or even payment tool – all this you can get from your mobile.

Whats your current option then

“Don’t panic” actually quite a few. You can write a separate piece of code that transfer your current site in to mobile version (not that easy – trust me). Or perhaps you can think about the new web – the responsive one.

In this case you have couple of option. I’ll highlight some of those that make a sense for SMB – small businesses. Considering that SMB is someone between 1-50 emoployee delivering product or services.

The first option you have is to choose pre-build solution which is already integrated with social media like a “Squarespace“, or any other similar service that provides responsive solution, integration, 24/7 support and good price.

Another option you have is the template world of WP, Jomola  (responsive-magazine-template) or any other CMS. In this sense be aware of variety of the code and pricing. One of my old client  bought theme for $24.99 with blessing himself how much he safe in forst place. Finally he spend $2.500 to integrate this solution to his business.

Of course you can choose customised solution which I’ll probably recommend but this takes time, effort, focus, good designer and very > very good developer. (I’ll talk about these in one following post soon)

Before you start

Do yourself a favour. Ask or get out there and find some analytics from your website. Who’s using it, how long they stay on the page, when they leave and why. Is it your consumer or just observer. Are they looking for information or buying.

“Write your self a small brief what is one single objective of your website.”

Who is doing it right

Just briefly few sites who do it right so you get an idea where to start. In terms of service offering – Hotell Web  is very good solution. As a visual person you might appreciate  some portfolio style presentation.  Andersson Wise use very nice transition between images and formats. Everything adapt to the screen smoothly.

Online store – Im glad you ask. Nixon Watches os the best one so far – and many other coming soon. We’ll look some of these in one of the following post about responsive eCommerce.

Finally if you looking for the news provider you might choose instead of Smashing Magazine or Mashable choose – Read Write in a while you’ll know why.

(More responsive examples are at media queri or this-is-responsive/)


There will be many “why” and “why not”. Responsive solution are not answer for every website or service, but let me give you three reasons that always lead to company success and increase of ROI – return of your investment into digital world.

Clarity = Usability

Limited space allow you present only important information. Those information are relevant to the user in particular situation. Don’t overwhelm your audience with noise – be clear with your message – sen the signal. Every page has one single purpose.

Data = Loading time

imagine situation described above and think how much information you have on your site and how many of them actually make your business. Think again are they easy to locate and easy to access. Imagine loading your super design page on G3 network without WiFi.

Access everywhere

No matter what business you are in from build, construction, services to special offerings – you customer (user) can reach you via phone. Be accessible everywhere, all the time.

This Year

This year resolution shrink from 1280×960 to 640×960. Try to see your business through your smart phone. Why – because you can

(GIVISION is responsive since 2010 thanks to team Super Koderi)

Happy browsing.


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