IBLF Case Study


As a part of the ETV Media group I had a chance to pitch and ring it to live – IBLF website. International business Leader Forum was founded in 1990. Independent, not-for-profit organisation working with leading multinational companies on the sustainability and responsible business agenda. We work to the ethos of “Inspiring business leaders to help build a sustainable world.”

The Brief

The brief was simple “Delivery scalable solution applicable to all their regions and partners website“. Solution which allow client flexibly exchange and modify the layout and content aligning on their current needs.

Initial workshop set up the mutual understanding of complexity and importance to keep this project tide with user needs. Applying these needs on different persoas within different environment we start populating content diagrams whew identify what type of data they need in which section. By using OOD (Object Oriented Design) we came up with series of seven unique modules which holds certain behaviour and relevant content. Those modules are exchangeable – this allowed user to view and exchange the position of the modules on the scene.

After our discovery workshop we provide wireframes showing variation of the layout and full description of functionality  based on these 7 modules. Approval started design discovery and development. Everyday scram show us which elements are designed and which element have a design a functional dependency. Allowing everyone to contribute was beneficial not only for colleagues but also for leaders.

.NET solution

Back-End solution choose for this project was Sitecore. This .NET package provide us enough flexibility to build these modules alongside with design and modify them separately in front-end code. Tech lead organise the work with front-end


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