FOWD – Why?


In previous posts we discover what we produce and how we achieve it. What kind of tool or technique we use to finish project, website or fulfil services. The question I’m going to ask is no the end is obvious Why?

What? How? Why?

Why we make these things, why we spend our time to discover how things works and why we measure our success with highest number of visitors. I’m not sure who said that but someone quote that “it’s better to have and audience 50 – 100 people who know why you doing what you doing than had a audience 10.000 who know just what you doing”. Well get to this later.

Why WF?

Brad Haynes – on his session present wire frame methodology which I proposed over an year ago.  I found this was the right way to do it but it was really hard to find right project to implement it.  This more than anything at FOWD was a little bit of satisfaction that we are all on the same line. Prove of this method has benefit to any project mid or higher size.

Why UX

Simon Collins – and his session make definitely any one think about what will happen with “www” in following two possible 5 years. HTML5 will be fully implement CSS3 will has a full browser support and jQuery possibly replace Flash. How we can prepare ourself for this age? and Why we should start right now!

Dan Rubin’s session was in one go Case study which he made with Jared Spool  from At any point he touch the aspect anything you might consider when you re-building website or just update look and feel. Quick HD prototyping was an method that bring a lot of discussion and obviously help no one project from the audience. Simple way to achieve high definition wire frame with key behavior or interaction if you want had enormous feedback.

On the end of everything there was “a special”  session produced by {@webstandardistas} I love these guys – funny, engaging, entertaining and well presented session about 10 times better User Experience that definitely open horizons of our possibilities and things we would like to achieve.

Simon Sinek

These guys present an idea inspired by Simon Sinek and his book “Start with Why” which they increased about one level. The level is more important than anything we tried to reach in these last three days not about What? no even about How? not even about Why? but it was about us! We are creating and manipulating masses controlling the information on front end or even back-end. We are the community responsible for pulling right information in right format to the customer. We hold and control information flow and we make a decision Why and How the What will work.

Following video explain better than me what we should be our focus.

Thank you for your time

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