Digital Typography


The project digital typography was based on research from my student international exchange. ESAD gave me enough insides about design methodology, research techniques as well as full understanding of entire design process, that I have been able to start my MA.

The Idea was to: “Create a unified translation of all layout possibilities to be able to generate source library for future identification – library which can be reproduce as a pattern same for the developers as for the designers”.

Idea worth of napkin

Idea worth of napkin which we draw in the bar on the corner of “Rue Gambatta” came up to line two years later where I successfully published 10 pieces of my MA. I didn’t really realised how far small sheet of paper could take me.

First part of the draft was about layout in classic print world, posters, newspapers, posters and books where I also characterise movement and habits of reading. Those translated with help of Ladislav Sutnar and Jan Tschichold into the digital form. But not by silly copying of master piece made in the beginning of 20th century but resumable modification based on up to date development standards.

Second part of the draft was purely focused o these types of layouts and their similarities where we can assign or identify certain  patterns which we can reuse on others website of similar kind.

Digital Environment

Digital environment bring us a lot of potential – nowadays we live in the decade of huge change where all designers will take a power from the other and simply guide world through the experience.

… and digital layout is the one who will ply major role of content consumption. Imagine all magazines, books and newspapers in digital form – where people don’t even know that was the source of the article and real reason is – you read it first!

…you read it first!

Layout which allow us to get red of the gestures we blindly repeating since 70′s where we once said we’ll scroll this way, or navigate that way. There are many other principles of navigation we need to explore.

Wee seeing SONY has already prototype of digital reader how the layout work on all hand-helds – this is the question for future.

I might ask you in a five years time …

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