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Czech Republic – Visual Case Study

The brief itself was simple – “using social media to promote quality of the country” where I was born. The main challenge I saw in surfacing the data from social network on public domain. Luckily enough proposition and recommendation took a place a decision was made in the benefit of the user.

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Robin Hood

Heritage of British Film Industry on your pocket

Application gathering most famous UK based films and tide them up with a specific location where the user can explore and discover the places where the movie was shoot or where the stories begun. User also have ability to take and share their experiences through the pictures they taken on the location via Photo gallery. Their friends immediately know where they were and  how they enjoy it. The facebook and twitter play key role opening the possibility of sharing and engaging the user to explore and discover more from heritage of British Film Industry.

Sherlock Holmes

Designing heritage of British Film for mobile device.

Architecture scalable iPhone app was challenge. With ETV team we managed o only deliver on time but also increase functionality of proposed solution. The client was given flexibility to dynamically exchange promotions and featured movie align with their media plan. British Film Location also allow client to communicate with their users through the app itself. User are inform about events or services based on their location. This also mean no further updates of visual.