Design Evaluation

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Aesthetic for of the design

Last week I talked with student of PHIL MUNI about the design evaluation. How the story telling changing the perception of engaging and how slight nuance in behaviour brings benefit to more people and whole ecosystem.

TEDx Brno

Creative Circumstances

A TEDx lecture about about design, but not only design itself, it’s more about creativity and how is creativity perceiving and become part of our daily live.

Structure /  Rules / or Creativity?

What / How / Why / You



TEDx Lecture

Creative Circumstances

An amazing group of people put together an event. Invited many great speaker from the world into scenic hearth of the Moravia valley Brno. City of four universities full of potential and ability to grow, open to explore and share new way of thinking. Open horizon of possibilities and learn one from each other. TEDx Brno take a plece at distinguish location in Bohemian Gallery  where heritage of technical industry is tied together art and hand in hand represents quality of the man kind.

I was honoured to be there and present the talk about “Creative Circumstances”.

UCD inside Agile

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Open development group organising on a monthly open seminars and lecture to share a knowledge beside their daily job. More interesting for me was that all these czech developers care about UX techniques and UCD process.

So I accept invitation from Ondrej Valka and prepare the lecture about how we work in agile development system and how we dealing with User Experience inside of the agile development methodology.

Curiously enough Agile is full of UX stuff but was not mentioned on any sofrtware development namual – so don’t tell anyone ..

Memorable Interaction

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Memorable Interaction

Removing clutter from pages helps users to focus. Their attention remarkably stabilise  and slow down – to make a decision is suddenly more easier than before. Page content, images, contact information, and the presentation hierarchy play a key roles on your build – don’t for we building for human being.

UX Mobile

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Thank you everyone for joining us at the UI/UX Mobile Lecture at PELLICO 5. Thanks to Lukas we had an amazing time again in Brno. The Lecture itself was a bit longer than I expect but workshop and discussions was immediate respond to my questions – Thanks for that.
Even out time was limited we had an opportunity to solve a couple of issue and answer few questions.

Web & UX for your mobile devices