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Thank you everyone for joining us at the UI/UX Mobile Lecture at PELLICO 5. Thanks to Lukas we had an amazing time again in Brno. The Lecture itself was a bit longer than I expect but workshop and discussions was immediate respond to my questions – Thanks for that.
Even out time was limited we had an opportunity to solve a couple of issue and answer few questions.

Web & UX for your mobile devices

Helo World

Welcome to my first post on WordPress. This is my first post which I don’t delete – from historical purposes.

What you’ll see

… well there will be tree categories who compiling all my interest in digital world. First category is dedicated to personal presentation, but don’t worry I’ll not bother you with stuff which clients wants. This entire showcase is to present future thinking and exploration. Another category is Lectures. Yes I like lecturing, not because I like to guide people, but because I hope I have some knowledge I would like to pass on. Finally third part is Laboratory – area of experiment. Literally place where on regular bases I share what come up on the daily bases.

… so get inspired