Benefit of Social Networking


What is the right portfolio for you and how to get advantage from social networking to your own business. PDF’s portfolios are already gone – new era of digital portfolios begun. Short lecture and few examples from real world of job hunting in the most successful design area in the world – London.

The lecture is focusing on the benefits of Social Networking like a Flickr, LinkedIn, and online portfolio engines such as Behance, Colorflo, CPLUV etc.

Lectures Ambition

I have no aim to tell everything about online portfolios, but talk about relationship between online and off-line portfolios. Comprehensive ranges of its visibility and potential for a designer and client – where find to right person for the job it’s harder and harder. Communication changed over the past 5 years – digital emails flying through the digital space without our knowledge where they appear.

We will also work with your portfolios to be ready to bring some.

I would like also open a discussion about your problems and experiences with your own presentations, whether before client or before the studio you work in. What you used and what went wrong. What are the most common mistakes we make when we communicate designer value.

How do you communicate and why?

What channels / gallery / clubs you use and why you chose the right channel?
Suitable technology – recommended for presentations /
WordPress /
Flickr and Yahoo /
Behance net Gallery /
Preview of portfolios /
Resektujte environment /
Remove noise /
/ complexity of the whole presentation.

What are the necessary imformační points for a good portfolio?

From the position of Designer /
The view from the position of economist, secretary /
From the position of UI Designer, Web Designer /
Benefits of using standards /
Why Designer /
Benefits Position Designer /
The right tools in the wrong hands /
Email /
Flickr /
LiknedIn /
Behance Network /
The role of time and experience feedback /
Using online communities in the kombiaci portfolio /


Jiří Močička /moderátor/,
Skákala – Petr Skala
Lukáš Veverka
Martin Jedlička
Pavel Ševčík
Lucie Muchovičová
Zuzka Ondrušová
Josef Zlámal
Pavel Roder
Jan Bartoň
Kateřina Soudková
Jakub Havliš
Adam Puchar
Vlastimil Bartas.

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