Over the summer I have been invited by Lukas Veverka to collaborate on project Altworx as a UX consultant. Main focus was on improvement of user flows and refactoring certain scenarios improving the enhancement of entire solution.

Theoretical case study

By giving me an acces to real application I have start mapping logical model based on existing iA.  Questioning  certain section and refactoring element from existing UI to be able to communicate value of all changes I’m suggesting.

Visual Case Study

After the observation I’ve create and Case Study summarising all the point of interest short therm and long therm challenges and structured solution redistributed in to a time frame which. Slaford could afford it.


Existing system was fully functional and very well documented – which confirm my assumption about quality of the team. UX could literally fly.

Short term changes include small fix in existing environment like a size and proposition where some flow hets more narrowed to the actual User Journey. Developers didin’t have a problem to accomodate all changes in to their Agile driven methodology which prepare all assets for big changes.

Long term changes was almost visionary but prepare the client to think about the frame where the tool can be implemented and used. Main suggestion was on modularity and flexibility of the solution. To break this application in to a small modules which can live independently allow small players on the market afford the tool which they couldn’t. Once they grow they might extend and build un existing modules.


With right access User can oversee other people in the system. The map allow SU to quickly see particular part of the application and video spot. Also by using the timeline map will change because application reflect working time as well as night, weekends, holidays.


User can oversee the markets, coleuses, employee but also third party suppliers where they interact with system. SU or LU can filter they feeds when they enter to the system. Every time when they login they see latest updates from the system.

Visual Hierarchy

Visual and data hierarchy are pretty much same. By using tree structuring user can quickly grasp all levels of complexity. To dive into a different store user simply select different stream.

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