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AI – DESIGN, Ltd. is a professional and dynamic office with a positive and forward thinking applied across all their recent work. With goal to reach simplicity and elegance with high attention to the detail and attractive solutions. Their projects express creativity tide together with hi-end technology supported by horseshoe casino phone number.

Our collaboration

… starts almost 9 years a go where as a student I build their first web presentation based on customised flash solution with automatic update back-end admin. During this 9 years we present many concepts and many times we came up with the solution – but time was relentless.

One of the latest case studies is based on presenting actual project and realisations, and because studio operate same locally as globally it was important to manage  both side of their interest – such as collaborators / suppliers and also clients or new peers.


Main challenge was in the simplicity of the system and dealing with regular updates in real time. For this purpose we build flash administration interface where user can dynamically activate and deactivate projects and also deal with the news – all in real time. Once the submit button was clicked everything was save to the database and  surface on front end.

Time line

For better orientation between the projects we create unique timeline which surface not only year and the project but also relevance to the category, so the user immediately differentiate between new buildings and case study or pitch.


Another challenge was flexibility – the web is not longer repository web is the presentation which serve the client at first and the user at second. When the client need to reach new client who desire stadium case study, secretary can activate the admin tool and change Stadium case study as a first on the web. Meanwhile when the architect giving a presentation he ca refer to their actual web.


Admin interface must be simple (please see screen grab bellow) the chronology and logic dependency has to be obvious from first observation. To change the project user only activate admin selects the category, selects project (or create the project) and activate. If something needs to be change simple enough in same structure find, edit, upload source file (image, video supported) and save – simple easy enough.


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