Enthusiasm for design broad me in to the lecturing.  Seemsly after my first presentation at University I realised how communicating right information can change perception of all students / listeners and gradually open discussion about the topic. Democratisation of whole education process open rooms for general discussion but moreover establish passion and pure interest in subject. People driving their own ideas through the model of examples to reach final conclusion.
Lectures listed bellow are taken at academics place, companies, corporation and well as UX based seminars and independent lectures.


  • 2010 / R/GA / UX in Agile SW development
  • 2010 / TEDX Brno / Memorable Interaction
  • 2010 / UX in Agile SW development
  • 2010 / VSUP / Design Evaluation
  • 2010 / FI MUNI / Design Evaluation
  • 2009 / P5 / Benefit of Social Networking
  • 2009 / P5 / UX/UI for Mobile Device
  • 2008 / ALTWORX
  • 2008 / BATH SPA University

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