About Taska Visual Case Study


Miriam Holescakova aka about-taska.com ask me to work on her online presents. Open conversation lead in to four separate concepts where one of them reach destination and was developed. The website combines news module surfacing latest news from her activities, Behind the scene – showing short bio and how does she works, Awards – showing all successful entries at international competition and finally all product she present in this little showcase.

Accessories Design, Realisation for Boutiques, Realisation for designer and finally Industry Cooperation works same way – each section can contain up to 10 project and each project can contain up to 10 separate images or videos.

Miriam choose simple and constructive method to present her work. Flash container works separately from the database where we store all the data. This allows her to manage photography and projects with minimal effort.

The site is temporarily down please see her latest magento based e-Shop black oak casino resort.

Thank you

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