When I’m not thinking about travelling Japan or biking in Scotland, my mind is set upon the future of the touch based interaction.

Though I didn’t plan it this way, pure technical & design education and the variety of different subjects get me the stage that I’ve become a information based interaction designer of sorts. I know general front-end coding techniques, but it’s mainly design combined with some good old fashioned typography ensuring my daily UX decision going right direction.

We blend technology, UI & storytelling together

Recently, I blend technology, UI & storytelling together. I find myself in the position where combining these skills and translating granularity of those relationships brings benefits to entire team. I believe in progressive enhancement, responsive web design & the customer experience and bring brands and people closer together. I’ll probably spend all my allowance on design books and wear a shorts almost entire year …

I’m also proud to be part of London’s “Digital Agency of the Decade” so called R/GA.

Stop by and say, Hi even you are the client, colleague, or just student passing by.


Enthusiasm for design broad me in to the lecturing.  Seemsly after my first presentation at University I realised how communicating right information can change perception of all students / listeners and gradually open discussion about the topic. Democratisation of whole education process open rooms for general discussion but moreover establish passion and pure interest in subject. People driving their own ideas through the model of examples to reach final conclusion.
Lectures listed bellow are taken at academics place, companies, corporation and well as UX based seminars and independent lectures.


  • 2010 / R/GA / UX in Agile SW development
  • 2010 / TEDX Brno / Memorable Interaction
  • 2010 / UX in Agile SW development
  • 2010 / VSUP / Design Evaluation
  • 2010 / FI MUNI / Design Evaluation
  • 2009 / P5 / Benefit of Social Networking
  • 2009 / P5 / UX/UI for Mobile Device
  • 2008 / ALTWORX
  • 2008 / BATH SPA University


My photography is an experiment. It’s not a purpose to sell, advertise or promote myself as a photograph. Im curious about light and colours in contrast with night covered architecture. London gives me incredible opportunity to experiment …

Please have a look on some trial shots. Like them, hate the share them – and if you stop by please leave a quote at





July 4, 2011

“Jiri really knows his stuff. He’s bang up to date with the very latest in UX design, and has the experience to know what’s right for each solution he works on.
And he’s really not scared of hard work! He’ll work his socks off to get a great result, isn’t phased by pressure and gets stuck right into the team to make things happen.
As a Producer it’s lovely to be able to work with someone who not only gets a great job done but who also makes it a pleasure to work with them.” July 4, 2011

Steve ErreySenior Producer, R/GA, managed Jiri at R/GA

July 13, 2009

“Jiri’s is a great designer, with bags of passion that is only surpassed by his thirst for learning and perfecting his skills. Jiri’s strive for perfection is translated in to the project / company he works for, always trying to push the boundaries above and beyond. I would work with Jiri any day as he is constantly engaged and what ever he does he does it in totality 100%.”

Vladimir KhokhlovSenior Designer Human Interaction Group, Sony Design Center Europe, managed Jiri at SONY

December 5, 2008

“Jiri worked as part of the creative Team at Uber alongside Samsung Design Europe recently and his contribution proved invaluable to the final outcome of our project. Jiri is a dedicated and gifted individual in his chosen field of Design. His talent and professionalism were instrumental in providing our client with an innovative and highly regarded end deliverable.” December 5, 2008

Dean Butcher, hired Jiri as a Interaction & Multimedia in 2008






  • 2007 / International Poster Competition
  • 2006 / International Poster Biennal
  • 2006 / Vektorika magazine 9#
  • 2005 / + visual identity
  • 2005 / DCCR Digital Typography
  • 2005 / Presentation DUMB
  • 2004 / DCCR “Travelmaker”
  • 2004 / DCCR The Place Of Identity Brno
  • 2004 / Gallery Puda – KONZUM
  • 2004 / ESAD Ville de Reims Exhibition
  • 2004 / BcA. FFA Exhibition
  • 2003 / Trnava – workshop Wan Chen